DMV cooling system turned on

My partner always puts things off until the last minute. Typically, this kind of thing does not bother me in the least. Last week though, I was easily aggravated. Last Tuesday, my partner decided to remind me that she needed to update her driver’s license. Since we only have a single DMV in our area, this can be quite an excruciating process. Both of us both had Tuesday off work, so we got up bright as well as early as well as went directly to the DMV. Since we arrived before eight, I was expecting a very short wait time. The DMV already had 10 people in line at the door. Both of us finally got a number as well as sat down to wait. After roughly thirty minutes, only 2 people had managed to finish with their turn. Then the serious problems started happening. It was an extremely hot day, as well as the a/c was working. Both of us heard a thunderous booming sound, as well as then there was no more chilly air coming out of the air vents! People all over the room were running around, as well as I knew they were trying to service the a/c concerns. After we had sat there for close to an hour, the woman in charge came out to address the crowd. They had to shut down the DMV down until the a/c could be fixed. I was easily furious as well as frustrated, as well as my partner and I got into a giant fight. Half of our day was entirely wasted, when we could have been at our household in front of our own a/c. Both of us could have been enjoying a day alone in bed, instead of hanging around with strangers.

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