Disruptive HVAC

I am a light sleeper by nature.  I can’t tolerate the operational noise of our Heating & A/C system.  When it kicks on and off I can hear the components operate. I wear earplugs every night, and I hate them. Without them, I wake up each time the system cycles on. It doesn’t matter if it is the heating system or the air conditioner, because the ductwork is noisy. The only reprieve I get is on those rare nights in the Springtime and fall when I am able to turn the Heating & A/C system off and open windows. It is not an old HVAC unit, but, even during the day, I need  to turn up the volume on my music whenever the Heating or A/C component kicks on. Last week, I called an HVAC contractor to inspect it. He said that my particular Heating & A/C model is more noisy than others. There was absolutely nothing that could be done, short of replacing the whole system. That would be a large expense and seems needless when my HVAC system continues to work well. I also can’t help but be suspicious that an updated model wouldn’t be any quieter than my current model.  I am reluctant to put a few thousand dollars into this project, only to discover that the new Heating & A/C system is just as noisy. I wish that I could tear out the whole forced air HVAC system and start over. I would love to switch to a heat pump, which are known for how quiet safe and clean they are.

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