Different choices in HVAC

After thinking and stressing about it for awhile, my wife and I are unable to figure out how to continue on from the complication we are facing. For over a year now we have been searching constantly for the best home so that we can raise a family. However, every one of us do not plan to start adopting kids until we purchase a good home. Fortunately, we have narrowed down our search to two houses in our area. Unfortunately, my wife and I are split on which house we should buy, because we each like different ones. This isn’t a matter of husband versus wife, for we both plan to buy the best possible home. The home our wife plans to buy comes with a large maple tree in the front yard but also has a inoperative central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system! When we had the beach home investigation done, we were told the furnace unit might last for another year or two, or maybe for only a month or two. The cost for replacing the furnace system would be almost more than we could afford. On the other hand, the home I have my heart set on has a brand current heating and cooling system, but it does not have that maple tree. My wife says that the tree reminds her of her old home, and sentimental value is worth more than dumb HVAC equipment. I am a bit more financially responsible and know that we could acquire any number of trees and have them placed in our yard for the cost of a working AC system. In the end, I know we will take the home that she covets, because her happiness means more to me than saving money.

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