Did the window actually break?

When I first moved out of my parent’s house, I wanted to find a luxury apartment with all of the best appliances. I had saved a ton of money from living at home after college, so I planned to spend a lot on a superb apartment. I also planned on purchasing the apartment rather than renting. I took my time finding the perfect apartment, although I did not mind because I knew it would be worth it in the end. I went through dozens of apartments before I found a superb luxury apartment in the center of the city.

              It had a breathtaking view of the water plus a rooftop deck for all residents to use. More than that, it had state of the art appliances. Finally, the best part of the apartment is the gas furnace. I paid truly close attention to the gas furnaces of all the apartments I looked at, but this apartment has radiant floors. I did not even think about this heating plan until I looked at this apartment. This plan sends heated water slowly through pipes underneath the floorboards. It efficiently heats my apartment plus saves on my monthly energy costs. Because of how slowly the water moves, it does not cause temperature spikes plus allows my control component to work slowly.  

             This saves me tons of money. It’s also great that my feet are never cold from stepping on cold floorboards in the Wintertime. On top of these benefits, the heated flooring is a superb aesthetic touch. It allows me to have finished wood floors. This apartment was absolutely worth the wait!


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