Did not realize we would have no a/c

My husband has had several discussions on my feelings about camping.  He knows that I was forced to go as a kid and I thought he understood how I felt.  I had a cousin who would ogle me the whole time, and I felt weird. I didn’t like having to sleep in the tent with the rest of the kids, and smelling the smoke as it came into the tent.  I hated the buggy nights and the fact that he was in there with us. I really didn’t like using the outhouse, and not having any privacy. I told him once, that the only way I would ever go camping, was if I could have a soft bed, running water, and an air conditioner.  You can imagine my surprise when he told me that he had booked a camping trip with our friends and we were all going camping at the new campground up by the lake. I was livid, and I made up my mind that he was going to go without me. I had a perfect bed and air conditioning in our home, and I wasn’t going to sleep on the ground and leave my AC behind.  He started bringing home brochures, but I wouldn’t look at them. I told him to go and have fun, and I would go into my office turn up the AC. Finally he quit his stupid game and he sat down at the dinner table and told me about the camping trip. There were individual cabins and they were equipped with fully operating bathrooms and there was HVAC in every cabin.  It was rustic, but it had all of the comforts of home. I loved the idea of fishing and swimming in the lake, but I love it even more now.

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