Delay payments on HVAC

When our local motion picture crew was helping out on the set downtown they ran into some drastic weather issues. Know that the cost of replacing professional motion picture making equipment is quite high as well as they were not going to risk losing some of the equipment just because the motion picture maker wanted to get a certain look in the awful weather. They had already set up all of the lighting which normally wouldn’t be affected anyway however the cameras were another story. They had no way to keep the cameras operating in the extreme hot heat as well as cold temperatures without the benefit of a portable heating equipment sitting next to them. Their reaction to the news that there was no Heating as well as Air Conditioning available was they packed up as well as went back to the hotel for the evening. This cause a drastic delay in the motion picture however they were able to call around to the local HVAC dealers as well as find units that they could rent for the following day, then all of this could have been avoided if the producer has simply done his job as well as made those iPhone calls himself, however he was easily uneasy with our crew as well as even threatened to delay payment, so our reaction to that was to add on the rental fee for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning units to his bill. It was really crazy!

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