Deep into the storm

                                            My gas gas furnace is set up on the wall, and it basically looks like a bunch of piping having a knob on the side. It looks bizarre and not terribly comfortable, but our dog enjoys it. If I am not keeping an eye on him, our dog will jump on top of the gas furnace and sleep there. As he lays up there his body sags into the opening in the pipes, with all his rolls of fat. I will admit, he looks extremely cute sleeping on the heater. I don’t want to encourage this behavior though. What I care about is the fact I can’t turn up our gas furnace to the setting I would prefer. If I do crank up the gas furnace system, it will get hotter. What if our dog jumps on there and burns himself? I would think he very may well get seriously burned. I hate that I can only have a little heating since our dog won’t stay off it. Also, I don’t care about the smell caused by my dog laying on the gas furnace. It causes a truly bizarre smell. I don’t what to think. Is it his hair being roasted, or his natural dog smell getting in the air quality? Either way I don’t like how the air smells when our dog is laying on the heater. I have tried methods to get our dog off the heater, but nothing is now paying dividends. I also can’t seem to block him from the heater. He jumps or climbs any barrier I set up. I also can’t lock the room to the gas furnace or our whole home won’t get any heating. Although I might need to let him win this battle and just let him own the gas furnace system. I am terribly jealous of his set up though.

gas furnace 

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