Days on end with great a/c

It was a strange thing when I went back to visit my old hometown. Everything had changed. All that was still there was this old record store that I used to frequent. I met up with some friends and we decided to pick up some records for old times sake. Every one of us went in there and instantaneously felt the cooling relief from their excellent HVAC system. Everything triggered memories with myself and others from when we were younger. The aromas of the store were the same, and the temperature control method was superb even love it was way back in the afternoons. I figure that’s legitimately why this store stayed there because people loved to go in if only to like the marvelous cooling system during the warm afternoons. I even ran into an old friend of mine who was entirely working at the store and it was good catching up with him, and he was recommending particular rare old records and we listened to a bunch of them. It was fun just hanging out in the perfect comfort of the heating and cooling system. Every one of us all went out to eat and just hung out for awhile after. Every one of us even cruised around neighborhood and seen some places we all used to hang out. It was crazy how weird it was however there were a few spots that were kind of the same. I sure miss being a kid. I certainly do. Good days, good times.

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