Dark wood flooring and furniture

Building what they call a tiny house was not such a bad idea at the time. I thought it was so cool to live so simply, although I soon found that there was a lot more than just the heating and cooling unit that I had to deal with. Everything I had, needed to be split down to half the size. I had a sofa that was a sectional. I also had a king-sized bed.  I had drapery that was made to fit multiple feet of window. I was finding that I had to not just build the house, but find furniture that would suit the area that I had. I had to get creative if I wanted to have any furniture in our home at all. I had to forget about the glamorous family room that I had wanted, and those french doors that I had drooled over. I had to go with something more compact. I was looking at magazines that they put out, just for the tiny house dweller, and I came across this current interior design. Whenever I think of a dollhouse, I think about the dollhouse that I had when I was a kid. You put the tiny furniture into this small room. I never would have thought that you could get what was called Cozy Dollhouse. Everything is made on a smaller scale. The furniture is dual purpose. I then found this great sofa that pulled out and just folded down into a bed, and it is a real double bed. I am so happy to be living in my tiny home.

oscar sofa 

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