Damage to the HVAC

I can’t understand why our apartment building owner can’t find a decide property management company to handle the building.  I’ve lived here for a couple of years now, and we have been through five property management companies. This last company is the absolute worst than any, and I know they are on their way out.  Last month, we were in the middle of real heat wave. The temps were in the triple digits, and the only thing that kept us going, was the air conditioning system. I got up one morning, and I realized that the temperature in the apartment had risen.  It was a huge rise, but my thermostat was still at the same setting. I called the property manager and they told me someone would be over to check the apartment, within half an hour. When the man got there, he walked in, looked at the thermostat and told me that he didn’t see anything wrong.  He then left without even checking the AC unit or trying the thermostat to see if the air conditioning would respond. I already knew it didn’t because I had tried to adjust the thermostat. I was furious, and I tried to call the management office again, but they just blew me off. I called the HVAC company, who was there in an hour.  He checked the AC unit and he told me the motor was shot and we needed a new AC unit. I got everything in writing, and I sent it to the owner, who authorized the work to be done. The new property management company takes over tomorrow.

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