Damage to our a/c

My friends think I’m crazy for it, but I’m so blissful it’s warm outside! Finally, the summer weather is here, but with the seasonal high temperatures, so comes the nasty Summer storms. I love a good thunderstorm, as I use the opportunity go outside and watch the clouds roll in. Seeing the heat lightning streak across the sky is majestic, in a word. However, having our own home to contend with has spoiled some of the magic, since I do have to keep an eye out as the storm passes through. The larger the storm, the more tree limbs and trees themselves that can come down in the yard. I’ve made a habit out of going outside once the storm has passed, and milling about the yard to play clean-up. It’s nice to see all of the animals enjoying this fresh rain, and I can do a little housework while the storms are going through town. My little trek around the yard lets me grab all the tree branches that came down, so I don’t have to worry about finding them with the mower later – that’s always fun when I do, though. It’s also a good time to walk down the side of the home and observe the air condenser, seeing if there’s any damage to the casing. The air condenser is the part of your Heating and A/C unit that sits outside. It works to bring air in to be cooled for the air conditioner, or heated for the oil furnace. Much like any other part of the Heating and A/C system, it has to be cleaned plus maintained regularly. This ensures that the condenser is performing at its best! Storms can bring anything down in your yard, from trees to the neighbors plants. It’s important to consistently check your equipment after every storm.

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