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One of the worst parts of teaching is grading papers. I do not like all the papers I have read, grade and then mark in my gradebook. It takes forever and I do not like being at the university longer than I need to. I have gotten in the habit of bringing all my papers home with me. I would rather grade papers in my house than at my desk anyway. I can get a huge glass of wine, some potato chips, sit on my floor and go to town grading. You might ask, why would you sit on your floor? The reason for this is because I have radiant floors. I have piping hooked to my boiler system. The pipes are within the floorboards and heated water from the boiler warms them. This is hydronic heating plan is amazing and I like it. I like that my feet are typically toasty warm! Also, the radiant floors do not let any cold spots happen. The pipes are perfectly set up to heat every corner. The style of heating does not allow the heated air to rise and be wasted on your ceiling. It is warmest on the floor, and so that is why I end up resting on the floor grading. I get a nice hot butt or belly, depending on how I grade that day. I feel almost like a lazy dog resting in the sun. I don’t know how some homes get by without this amazing heating system. It certainly is a game changer. No shoes, slippers or socks ever in my house over the winter season.

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