Covering a large distance

I suppose at one point or another in a person’s life, they’ve had to deal with travel concerns, but for me, something definitely goes wrong every single time I take a trip. I’ve had to deal with forgetting my cellphone, getting left behind in a cab, losing all my luggage, delays of all kinds, and so much more. Because of the stress of travel and the probability of something going wrong at some point, I’m thankful for all the small amenities found along the way to try to assist in a better experience. At the closest airport, for example, there are recreation rooms where you can relax and wait for your airplane to arrive in the best heating and air conditioning I’ve ever felt. I’m positive they must have a huge HVAC unit, industrial-grade HVAC equipment, to maintain the temperature in such an immense building. Additionally, it works wonders for the air quality and my comfort level when I need to wait for my plane’s departure. During the summer season, the airport feels pleasant and cool  with the AC working to send invigorating cool air all over the building. No matter where you may be, in the restrooms, recreation rooms, or simply waiting in your terminals, it just feels great. It’s the same for the colder months as well, but the indoor heating making things warm and cozy so passengers can get away from the frigid winter air. With all the inconveniences that come with traveling, I’m grateful that my comfort level at my local airport is constant. As minute as it may seem, these pleasantries go a long way in lessening the stress of travel, and I’m undeniably thankful for everyone at the airport whose job it is for making it such an amazing, stress-free environment.

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