Costs of the heater and a/c

I am feeling pretty great today because today is my last day at my current job! I have decided to move on to better opportunities. I have been in the heating and cooling business for a while now and I have just accepted a position with another heating and cooling company back in my hometown. I started working for my current HVAC employer when I finished my training course a few years ago. The school was located a few towns over from where I grew up but it was worth it for the experiences I had. Now that I have some time under my belt, I have made the decision to move on to better opportunities. Part of me is sad to go, even though I don’t know anybody here and I barely make enough to make ends meet. I find it irritating to think about how much the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company bills it’s customers compared to what they pay their employees, however that is company I agreed to work for. When it comes to business you can’t have any emotions, there’s no room for it. It has to be cool and calculated, otherwise your business will go under. I have dreams of one day starting my own heating and cooling company. I could start off small just doing service work to a/cs and heating systems, and then work on expanding from there. I would really have to undercut my competition when I first start off, but that is how it goes until you have your name out there, and once you do, then the sky’s the limit.

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