Cooling turned off just for her

When my teen daughters invited a friend over, I figured it would be no big deal since we have had a lot of sleepovers. However, this girls frets and becomes anxious over every little thing, because her parents are constantly babying and worrying about her. In other words, they project their fears and anxieties onto their daughter. The saddest part is how this projection affects every area of her life. This little girl was terrified to sleep with the lights off, even though she’s almost eleven years old. Right before bed, she began worrying about the climate of our home. She was confident that the house was too boiling, and she worried that she would never be able to sleep because of the overbearing heat. She said that she thought she might become too warm and have a heat stroke! At that point, the thermostat was established at around 68 degrees. When she grumbled about the heat, I modified the thermostat to a few degrees lower, and so the air conditioner powered on. Almost immediately, she ran back down to tell me that it was freezing in her room. She said that she was nervous that she’d get sick with a terrible ailment if the people I was with and I didn’t modify the air conditioner settings. I just couldn’t believe it! Finally, I told her that I’d switch the cooling system off but would provide her with a fan in case it got too boiling. Though it allowed her to sleep and made the rest of the time better, I don’t think we will let her sleep at our house again. That’s a lot of problems for myself and others fret about. Sleepovers really shouldn’t be that complicated.

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