Cooling repair took forever

A few Summers ago I had a major issue in my place with the air conditioning system. I had come home from work late one night after doing a very long shift  and found my apartment was a little over 102 degrees. The heat hit me direct in the face like a brick. It was too late to call the landlord, so I called a friend to come get me out of there. I went to his place to spend the night. I called the landlord the next morning. He called the air conditioning repair shop. She told me they could not service the air conditioner until later that morning. I wasn’t upset, because I had to work most of the day. She told me that the good old HVAC unit would be fixed, before I came home from work at nine. I worked late, as well as did not make it apartment until half past ten. The HVAC unit wasn’t fixed, as well as I had a note on the door from the landlord. She apologized the HVAC unit wasn’t fixed, as well as she said I needed a brand new condenser. It needed to be on special order from the HVAC distributor. I had to wait another 2 mornings, before the HVAC unit could be fixed, luckily, I came home from work the next morning and found it was working! They must have got it in sooner than expected.

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