cooling for the interview would have been nice

There’s some pretty cool perks to being in the TV production classes while in high school–it was an chance to be on the morning announcements. Plus people would recognize my face from the segments the people I was with and I aired. It was a ton of fun, plus I never got weary of people stopping me in the hallway between classes because they saw me on TV. It was great being a celebrity; I ate it up! Towards the middle of the year, I was asked to be interviewed regarding my own after-school club, which was all about getting together plus playing songs. I was all too eager to partake in the interview, eager to once again get my mug on the “important screen.” But what I hadn’t considered though was that I was being interviewed with the current lights installed in our studio, and they hadn’t been configured yet, so they were blasting me at full intensity. They were incredibly bright, plus had me burning up, dripping with sweat profusely by the time the interview had begun…  Despite the school HVAC, I couldn’t stop sweating; they were useless against the lights. During the interview, I asked my TV production teacher if there was a way to increase the A/C for a little bit, but he said it was controlled by the school plus out of his hands! Still, I had the resolve to push through plus stay focused on being charismatic, even if I was dripping with sweat through my clothes! I was so thrilled when the interview was over–thankfully our cameras had fuzzy quality so you couldn’t honestly see the “fine details” of my intense dripping with sweat. I sat in front of the HVAC duct vent my teacher had over his desk, cooling off as the people I was with and I watched the finished product in front of the class. I was excited when my classmates gave me props for playing it cool!

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