Cooling coils

I work as a part-time teacher for a karate studio, the couple who runs the studio rents the area from another owner. The studio is actually in a basement in the grocery store in our neighborhood.  It functions particularly well though. The basement is regularly clean and cool for the summer season. The owners never have to worry about wet spots which may cause our students to slip and fall. In the winter, the boiler system is situated in the basement out of our way.  As needed the boiler turns on to heat the grocery store, and we receive plenty of heat as well in the studio space. It has always worked quite well, until this winter when there was a sizable problem because the boiler burst. The boiler was a hot water heater too! So when I arrived to work, on this unfortunate day, there was gallons of dirty water all over the karate studio. I had to mop up the water, scrub the floors and take out the floor mats very rapidly. As soon as I had the opportunity, I went upstairs to the grocery store and complained to somebody to fix the heater.  Their solution was a 17 year boy that basically setup wet floor signs. That whole week, besides teaching, my job basically was me going upstairs to complain, cleaning the floors, and remind students about the mess. Finally, the grocery store did hire a HVAC contractor to do the repair. The HVAC contractor was not fast about the repair and it took them another four days to fix the boiler. That is the price of renting from another source. I know if the owners of the dojo was responsible for the boiler, we would have had the furnace repaired on the same day.

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