Controlling the a/c at work

My first job was at this dingy little restaurant in my town. It was really terrible when they assigned me to the grill. It was so toasty plus the temperature control was clearly not functioning! I remember asking the supervisor a few times to modify the temperature control so we could feel a little bit of frosty air from the air conditioning. He always told us know, and it was rumored that he cared about saving every penny he could, and he could care less about the comfort of his employees! The venue was always way too toasty. At least when you worked in the front, you didn’t have to feel the heat of the grill! Even in the front though, it still felt too toasty, however even when some buyers would fuss to me that it was too toasty. I told them sadly that the manager had a policy of not adjusting the air conditioner at all, but when the supervisor discovered me saying that, he called that a lie and adjusted the air conditioner! He yelled at me and fired me on the spot, and I discovered that he actually never turned the air conditioner on. He faked it! I hated that venue anyway, so I told him, “Good riddance.” Being paid in pennies and being treated like trash was not fun! I absolutely deserved something more ideal than that! After that, I thought it would be a logical idea to go to college. I was very interesting in studying to become a part of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry. I discovered they make decent currency too, so that would be the most ideal task for me! I also want the skills to fix my own Heating, Ventilation and A/C system at my farmhouse as well.

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