Constant running of a/c

I have been working with the same company for about ten years now, overall I have enjoyed my time, and I was recently promoted to a director position! I’m so excited to have been chosen for the new job, and I already have a list of projects that I want to get done. Aside from hoping to expand our business, I also want to upgrade our office. One thing that we desperately need is a current HVAC unit. The employees in the office tend to have a tough time agreeing on a temperature to leave the thermostat on. Some people prefer to keep the A/C running all of the time so that they don’t get too warm. This causes other people to be completely uncomfortable, as the constant running of the A/C keeps them feeling chilly. I think a great solution to this problem would be to install a zone controlled HVAC unit. This would allow each employee to adjust their office to whatever temperature they prefer. This would actually make everyone more comfortable in their workspaces, and it would supply myself and others a peace of mind. I want to know that my employees like coming to work and that they have a nice environment so that they can focus on their projects without any major distractions. This will be a great way to start of working in my new position! With everyone having more authority over the HVAC unit, they should like that they have an additional way to make their spaces like more at home, and that’s just what I want for them.

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