Colder climate and the radiant floors

My favorite neighbor and oldest friend moved across the country last year.  She got married plus moved for his hubby’s career. I was so uneasy to see him leave, but I knew it was going to make him happy.  He moved to a colder region of the country, which is the opposite of where the and I grew up. My neighbor and I are used to sunny warm mornings almost year round.  Needless to say, he seems to be adapting to this change easily well. I visited him for the first time last week. Before our visit, I was upset about dealing with the frosty weather, but he always reassured me that it would be just fine.  I was so triumphant when I arrived. His modern home has heated floors–these keep the entire modern home was nice plus toasty despite the Wintertime weather outside. The radiant heater use pipes underneath the floorboards to heat the house.  Heated water is slowly transported through these pipes. This process keeps the entire home warm. I must add that hydronic heating means that he has the stylish look of hardwood floors without the discomfort of frosty floors in the afternoon. I was able to walk around his modern home without socks or slippers plus felt comfortable.  Nothing is worse than stepping on frosty floors without socks on. This wasn’t a concern at his house! I immediately understood how he was able to adjust to residing in the frosty climate. Hydronic heating would make it easy for almost anyone to adjust. Most pressingly, I was so happy to see him happy. I can’t wait to visit him again next year.

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