Cold winds and snowfall

I loathe the winter time.  The weather is unbearable and it is so ugly outdoors.  It gets so frigid in my city, that it makes it difficult to stay warm and comfortable.  The only time I am ever comfortable in the winter is when I am in my own home. This is because I can control the temperature of my own home thanks to my central heating and air conditioning system.  If I am cold, I can definitely turn up the thermostat and I am warm and cozy in minutes. This control gives me a bit of happiness while in the gloom of winter. On the other hand, I do not have this control everywhere I go.  When I am traveling between work and home, I cannot control an electric heating system and keep myself warm; I cannot turn up the thermostat of the trains or the buses. Additionally, when I am out in public places, I cannot make it warmer. Even when I am visiting friends and family, I have no control over the temperature of their homes. This means that I am never comfortable outside of the house in winter.  I have tried piling on more layers or wearing thicker clothing, however neither have solved my problem. This is real reason why I tend to shut myself in like a hermit during the long winter months. I keep myself indoors so that I can avoid the frigid winds and snowfall and be warm with my gas central heater equipment. My parents cannot stand this about me. They prefer that I get out more and spend more time with them. However, I can’t tolerate even the thought of being cold.  It makes me very anxious. I am much happier hiding away in my lake house and watching movies instead of being out in the cold.

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