Cold in the movie theater

It seems that every time I go to see a movie at the theatre I freeze to death. I tend to get cold easily anyway, but there’s something about the a/c in theatres that I notice immediately. It could be the fact that I am sitting still in a dark room with the cold air blowing down on me that does it. But I’ve often wondered why I don’t get nearly as cold in steakhouses or other restaurants because they also have their air conditioning system turned up quite high. For a long time, I was convinced the theatre staff were required to have the a/c turned up high and blowing on the viewers.  One time I did ask one of the staff members if they were able to turn the air conditioning down a bit, but they said that they couldn’t. But another time I overheard three teenagers that worked behind the snack counter discussing being hot and that they were going to ask their boss to turn the a/c up. That, to me, meant that the people that work at theatres do have at least some control over the temperature in there. It made me mad because I pay to be entertained, not frozen to death. In the summer months the outside temperature could be in the eighties or nineties, but I have to wear a winter coat to go see a movie. It is absolute nonsense that a paying customer has to freeze so that the workers don’t have to feel uncomfortable. In the summer, they should expect to be a little warm, especially when it’s eighty degrees outside! They so don’t need the a/c on that high.

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