Cleaning ductwork is a pain

Once every quarter, we all do chores in the house. One chore is to wipe all of the baseboards in the house, plus another chore is to wipe plus organize all of the pots, pans, plus tupperware, then the one chore that nobody wants to do is wipe the air vents… My spouse goes through the house plus removes all of the air vents from the HVAC duct. I gather them up to wash them in our powder room. I run a tub full of warm water, and scrub all of the air vents in the tub with soapy water. One of the adolescents has to use a special air vent brush to remove the dirt plus soot buildup. We used to have an ancient toothbrush, until our HVAC supplier sold us a special brush for cleaning the air vents. There are 25 air vents in total, plus all of the little ones think this is the worst job to pick. All of the chores go into a bag, plus the kids have to random draw their chore. It’s the best way for us to keep the chores legitimate every time. Even though the kids complain about chore weekends, I guess they look forward to all the people spending the day together. When all the chores are completed, every one of us reward the kids with ice cream. It is a really nice time for all in the end.

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