Clean your air ducts freqeuntly

One thing I hate about a house is the cleaning! Well, I recently acquired one thing I can do to reduce the amount of dust in the apartment, and that is to get the air vents and ductwork professionally cleaned. Thank goodness, I don’t have to crawl through the ductwork or reach our arm up through the air vents into the ductwork to eliminate dust and debris. Getting the ductwork cleaned is one kind of cleaning that everyone knows you have to get done professionally. I also understand that getting the ductwork cleaned once a year or so will also be a good health option for people who might have asthma, pollen allergies, other breathing problems, or even chronic cough. I am all for that, since I once suffered from what the doctors called chronic bronchitis, but not only will respected HVAC ductwork cleaning help you have good indoor air quality levels, it will also improve the efficiency of your oil furnace or air conditioner. But your HVAC system will not have to work nearly as hard because the ductwork is not crammed with dust. That means you can save money and also have good indoor air quality levels. It just makes sense that the less dusty stuff your HVAC system has to make its way through, the less your system will be forced to work, but so, even though at first I was not happy about having one more thing to clean, I am now all about  getting the ducts cleaned professionally each year!

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