Chopping wood for fireplace

Growing old stinks!  There is just no nice way to say it and I would not wish getting old on the worst of my enemies. In my mind, I am still young, energetic, and strong, my body tells me a different story. Each day when I get up out of bed my knees creak, my back is stiff, and I can barely see across the room without my glasses.  My hearing also is getting pretty bad, but I decided I will live deaf before I ever get a hearing aid. The worst part of this whole diabolical trick on humanity is the fact that I can no longer do things that I have done for the past thirty years. Take firewood for instance, I used to be able to chop wood for our wood stove for hours. I can no longer cut wood, which means I either have to start buying wood, or rely on my central furnace instead. We actually have a nice furnace, fueled by natural gas, but I have never enjoyed using it. I always loved the smell of the wood burning in the fireplace, while the gas furnace has always given off a faint smell of burning plastic. Once I discovered how much it costs to have cords of firewood delivered, I realized that from now on I just had to live with using the furnace instead. Maybe my sense of smell will be the next thing to go, so I won’t have to endure the smell of the gas furnace. Or, maybe I will give into the high cost of having the wood delivered.

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