Choice of heating was wrong

My garage is set up to be my work out shop wood making. I make tables, ladders as well as other home items as a side work. With this, I often bring the work into the house or the workspace. The problem with the garage is how chilly and frosty it gets in there during the Winter. I have a hard time keeping the wood safe from water and swelling, too, so the frosty tends to jeopardize our wood making if left undiagnosed! After going on the internet as well as checking amounts for room air conditioners as well as heaters, I was unhappy by the upfront pricing of the upgrade; My logic led me to just use 2 old gas furnaces I had laying around and I had never picked up. I laid each section oil furnace next to one other on the ground, although I had to use an old cord cord to get them powered on. If you didn’t get this already, let this be a sign that you should never plug your gas furnaces into an old cord! The new isn’t going to be as powerful as it would be if set up directly into an outlet. I sat in the garage for over an hour tinkering with a desk that I was making before I realized something – it was still frosty and chilly in the garage! I went to check out the gas heaters, as well as I just so happened to watch as sparks began going out of the wall socket!

gas heater

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