changes in HVAC in one trip

I like traveling to different continents and exploring the cultures.  However, I hate the air travel part of it. In order to go someplace, there are a lot of hoops you need to jump through! First, I have to drive two hours to the airport! Then I mess around with checking in plus going through security is an ordeal.  After this, since I live in a place no one goes to, I have to take several flights in order to go someplace. After several flights, I then need to mess around with a cab to get to our hotel. It is a whole day affair no matter where I go. My least part of traveling is the fluctuating temperatures. I go from the quality heating and air conditioning and temperature control in our car, but the airport heating and air conditioning settings are never right.  They are usually extremely hot or cold. The first airplane has the a/c cranked to the max where I am extremely cold. Usually the next flight thinks high heat is the answer to a nice flight. Then the final flight uses too much cooling system. All the flights will have the standard, stale, dirty air quality. After all of that, I will venture outdoors to a climate that is vastly different from our own. I regularly get sick after traveling. I blame it on being either freezing or being too hot during my trip. The Heating and Air Conditioning is just never consistent where I am plus my body can’t take it. It also could be the gross air quality on the plane that destroys my health by the end of the day.  Who knows what is the cause, however either way, air travel almost makes going to visit other nations not worth it.

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