Certain HVAC equipment

I moved out when I was still really young in order to finish our university degree, and while I’m definitely ecstatic I did it, the first few months were not straight-forward for me to adjust. I had never had to deal with our own heating bills before that point, and I legitimately never dealt with a gas furnace in a condo that was so much older than myself and others and our roommates combined. While the nice old forced steam gas central furnace worked quite beautifully, the house was legitimately old and drafty and really needed a lot of job to be ready for Winter every season before the cold hit. My first stadium was a hour floor house of an old 1900’s house. I really loved it there– although it needed some TLC but it had a lot of charm. Part of that charm was from 20 windows of unusual shapes and sizes. Back then, modern houses weren’t built by machines–everything down to the windows was entirely built by hand. It was a blessing in the warm season, all of those windows kept the fresh wind moving and really made it comfortable. However, this also meant twenty windows of unusual shapes and sizes to plastic every Winter. Those huge, gorgeous windows had never been redone, and since we are legitimately thrifty and quite tenacious, we obtained rolls of shrink wrap from the hardware store to take care of it. From there all of us were able to break them to shape and size, before properly shrinking them with a hair dryer. It was a lot of job every year, but it meant our old gas furnace ran more efficiently, saving a lot of currency in this way on our monthly heating bill.

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