Central heating equipemnt

    My parents recently had a horrible argument and my dad got kicked out. Since I am the closet child living to them and he had nowhere he could go, I begrudgingly took him in. My dad is a lovely and caring person, however her habits can make her seem like a lot of work. I hate to admit it but he’s kind of a slob! He’ll leave his dirty workout clothes on the bathroom floor, dishes and random tools seem to appear all over the place. Due to hurricane season it’s been pretty rainy since last week, my dad goes and tracks mud into my kitchen and leaves it there expecting me to clean it up. Adding insult to injury is the worst part, the fact that he has been a smoker for his entire life. My mom put up with it to a point so he thinks it’s fine but he does not realize how horrible smoking is for non smokers. I recently told him that I don’t want him to even think of smoking in my house. He told me that he had forgotten though and lit one up anyway. The smoke and smell of smelly cigarettes seemed to go right into our Heating and Air Conditioning component. Then the air blew through the air duct and the whole entire house is now reeking of cigarettes! Being he is my dad, I can’t very well get onto him about it however I don’t want to live with the smell in my home. I have been looking into an air cleaner to install right with my Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I figure my dad can get the opportunity to light up whenever he wants and our air quality does not suffer. The air purification plan that I selected joins right with the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The smoke is able to be absorbed, cleaned and filtered out. I then have a better option of good smelling air, minus any smoke and the house doesn’t smell of cigarettes. If that does not seem to work, I’ll then need to get UV lights installed in the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The UV lights completely disinfect the air before it gets into the Heating and Air Conditioning. Even still I might need the heavy duty cleaner.

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