Caring for my central AC

Well I have no idea how something like this even happens. I mean, I’ve seen abundant mold and mildew growth before, and I’m no stranger to massive cleanups after a small household disaster… what I don’t understand, however, is how exactly a supposed professional can make a mistake so monumental as this. When we hired a professional electrician to service our home bathroom ventilation system, we certainly never could have predicted that this would be the final outcome. We thought that his expensive hourly rate meant he would be using every ounce of his expertise during that time, but instead we paid him to create a ventilation nightmare in our home. You see, when we moved into the house, we realized that the bathroom ventilation fan was not properly attached to the outside of the home. We had difficulty removing any moisture from the air inside the bathroom, and it was getting musty after our long hot showers. We called in an electrician to reconnect the bathroom fan, and figured that the issue was resolved. It was a few weeks later that we discovered a massive outgrowth of mold and mildew in our basement, which seemed to be far more humid and moist all of a sudden. After running several dehumidifiers for weeks on end, we called in the HVAC company to figure out the new basement ventilation issue. That’s when they found out that our bathroom fan was venting humid air straight down into the basement, rather than out to the exterior of the house. Now we know, we never should have called in an electrician for an HVAC issue.

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