Car needed some a/c

I typically dread whenever summertime is coming up. Not because I hate all of the summertime activities… I absolutely love them. I love swimming with all of my friends in the community pool, and I love all of the bonfires our family will have out at our residence. What I don’t care about is having to drive in our family’s old and humid car. My father purchased this car over twenty years ago, and it has been beaten up badly. There are old dents basically everywhere on the car, along with plenty of rust and scratches. Neither the heating machine nor the air conditioner machine work. The cooling system hasn’t worked in roughly 2 years, and there is no heating machine in the car at all. This means when our family goes to the store or anywhere in town, all of us are stuck in a terribly overheated and smelly car with no cooling machine. This past month all of us drove up north to visit our Grandparents for a little bit. The drive was almost 5 hours long, and boy was it sweaty. With no cooling machine all of us all were pretty much soaked in our own sweat and we were entirely miserable. Thankfully when all of us began to get further north, the temperature began to drop swiftly. We rolled down the windows and it felt something like air ducts from a luxury cooling machine were blowing in my face. We are easily glad to be up north for a few days during this sizzling summertime. I honestly hope this family road trip makes our dad consider getting a hold of the Heating plus Air Conditioning service dealer to finally fix the air conditioner machine.

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