Can’t figure out the HVAC install

I grew up in the pacific northwest, where temperatures are typically mild to freezing all year round. There are also low levels of humidity since it’s so far north. With this type of temperature combination, it’s often comfortable to be outside for most of the year, at least if you appreciate your weather a bit on the gelid side. Because of this, every one of us also never had a complex A/C machine growing up. Apartments & houses here often don’t come with air conditioner machines installed, since they would not be used all that often! If every one of us needed to keep our place cool, every one of us would use fans or opt to purchase a little window A/C machine for the peak of summertime. For the Wintertime, every one of us would use an oil furnace or some other form of heating machine to keep warm. When I moved to the southwestern part of the nation after university, I was in for a real shock. While the humidity is still low in this part of the country, it gets seriously tepid in the Spring & summertime. Since the temperatures are so much higher around this place, it’s completely necessary for every residence to be equipped with a standard A/C machine. I was not used to renting a lake residence that already had an air conditioner machine installed, & ended up selling our portable A/C machine to someone from back home. I do appreciate that housing here comes with installed air conditioner machines, because that’s less household service for myself and others to keep up with. If any problems were to arise in the least, all I would have to do is call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C worker who works for our housing community, & he’ll service our A/C machine for no charge.

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