Can’t believe they had no a/c

After taking a tour of a colonial plantation, I found that I actually have plenty of questions about the way people used to live in the past. The tour took myself and others not only through the fields surrounding the property, but into the preserved buildings that people really resided in. I was open-mouthed at how primitive these people’s residences were. Colonial people did not have plumbing, and certainly not electricity, which meant that air conditioning machines had not even been invented yet. Since this is part of the South, I was staggered as to how these people survived in the summer season without a working air conditioning machine. I brought a portable fan with me for the tour, plus I’m really happy I did because the brick buildings seemed to attract the heat rather than actually repel it! I could not even picture having to work all afternoon in these buildings, which felt a lot like saunas. On top of that, I could not picture having to work in long sleeve clothing like people used to do during those times. You’d actually think that if you didn’t have an air conditioning machine that you’d want to wear as little clothing as you could manage, but I’m sure they didn’t see it that way. I suppose that people would faint more often because of the severe lack of an air conditioning machine. I don’t see how people were able to survive to begin with. I had a lot of fun on the tour, but it entirely made me pleased that I live in the modern time period. I certainly have no idea how I would cope with having to live without an air conditioning machine in the southern summer season heat, plus I’m glad I’ll never have to for the rest of my life.

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