Braving the cold

When my wife and I decided we were going to spend Christmas up north in the mountains, we thought it would be this incredible, romantic month in our home as we watched the snow fall, and hot chocolate would be sipped, and we would lounge in the home and head outside for some fun in the snow, however when we arrived at the airport, we weren’t ready for the unbelievable chilly wind blowing at us from the front entrance! We had coats on and long pants, however we clearly weren’t prepared for the cold weather in it’s full intensity, and we found ourselves a cab, and went straight to the home to put our stuff up and add another layer or two of clothes to cope with the weather. When we first arrived to the house, it was slightly warmer inside than it was outside in the elements, but fearful that the heating system would be broken, I searched and found the thermostat on the floor of the house. I turned the heating up, and thankfully the furnace in the basement kicked on, flooding the condo with warm, dry air to make us cozy and comfortable. The heat was so welcome and incredibly comforting, we found ourselves staying in for the first night, just so we could relax. We had food delivered to the house, which I happily gave an immense tip to the driver for braving in the snow. Both of us didn’t even attempt to go out until the following morning, when we went to the nearest clothing shop to buy some appropriate apparel. We sure were thankful to have the excellent heating system in the house though – it felt so nice having the hot air pushed down at us from the ceiling.

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