Boyfriend worried about phantom electric-can’t leave AC plugged in

My boyfriend Marco is literally one of the cheapest people in the world. He has money, he just saves it. Every nickel and dime is accounted for. We can’t leave anything plugged into the wall for fear of phantom electric. This is the theory that a little bit of electric is being pulled out while things are still plugged in. Marco is so worried about our electric bill that we have to do this. How many things need to be plugged into that you use daily? There are a ton of them! I have to plug in my laptop, phone, coffee maker, and my portable cooling unit. Everyday I use each of these items and they need to be plugged in. Marco freaks out if I am not directly using the machine when it is plugged. He gets really upset and unplugs it. So if I want to charge my phone, I need to be right by it. If I want coffee, I need to tell Marco when I am using the machine. The portable air conditioner is probably the worst thing for us. Marco is convinced our electric bill is so high due to our cooling system. My little air conditioner unit is no way the main cost of our electric. There are other larger appliances that we use daily and always leave plugged in. How much power could the AC unit really use? My boyfriend seems to think a lot. If I am not careful, all of the sudden I will get really sweaty. I then realized that he pulled out the plug to my cooling unit again.

a/c system

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