Boss has a hydronic heater

I was surprised when my boss invited my family and I to have a barbeque at his home last weekend.   I couldn’t say no, since I wasn’t trying to be rude. I also didn’t want to make a negative impression on my boss by turning down his invitation! When my family arrived, I was rather blown away by his  elaborate home. It could have been featured in a Lifestyle magazine! When we entered into the house, the air quality and the temperature were incredibly welcoming! I remember looking around wondering where the air was coming from. I couldn’t see any air vents anywhere in this part of the house! I recognize that my boss could read my mind because he answered my question and said that they didn’t need air vents because they had radiant heated flooring. I suppose that I should have known what that was, but I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t to him.  He had seen the look of confusion in my face, so he explained further. He said they had a system of pipes under all of the floors and in some rooms even in the walls. He was able to heat the property through heated water flowing through the pipes that would radiate the heat steadily and slowly upwards. It was cost effective and heated his home much better than a traditional forced air HVAC system. I was amazed. He said he couldn’t say enough also about the benefit of having a smart thermostat, although he tried. He told my family how he could absolutely control the temperature control from his smart phone. He never even had to touch the temperature control! Of course,my family didn’t have anything nearly as expensive.   After a wonderful barbeque, we drove back to our small but comfortable home. I asked my family if they would prefer radiant floors for our home. The kids loved the idea.

radiant heating

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