Birds wrecking the heater and a/c

I live out in the middle of the country, where wildlife is abundant.  I’m not talking about deer and turkey, but I’m talking about everything from wild parakeets to wild boars.  It can really crazy at times, and it drives me crazy. Last month, my air conditioning unit broke. I was going nuts, because I had just had it serviced the month before.  I went outside to see if I could troubleshoot the AC unit. The wild parakeets had begun using my outside AC unit as their personal toilet. They had left their feces not only on the outside of the AC unit, but it was inside the AC unit.  I was so totally disgusted. I wouldn’t have been able to open the AC unit and kill it as efficiently as the parakeets had. I called the HVAC company and I began to tell them my plight, but they were laughing, thinking I was just a crank caller.  They hung on me, and I called them back. Before they could hang up again, I told them the problem and implored them to come to my house. The HVAC tech was still laughing when he got out back and he looked at my air conditioning unit. He wasn’t laughing, but he had a smile on his face.  It didn’t take him long to clean the outside of the AC unit, but then he had to open it up and do a thorough cleaning on the inside. He soon had it cleaned, but I was hesitant thinking about how much bacteria could be in there from the feces. He assured me the air quality would be perfect because of how well he had cleaned and sanitized the AC unit.

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