Better HVAC and sinus problems


When I was a child I had horrible dust and pollen sensitivities. Almost nothing would repair the annoying symptoms I’d have throughout the spring and summer months, when the pollen was at its worst.  Of course, I also had issues with cat and dog dander, too–I would sneeze and cough consistently. Even at our loft with windows closed, I would have the same nagging symptoms and could not find relief.  My parents and l gained advice from the next door neighbor that the problem may also be with our very own loft HVAC system. From that day forward, my parents made sure the entire heating and air conditioning system was professionally cleaned and the air filters were changed every month.  They also added on an air purification program which helped my breathing a lot, especially when all the flowers were blooming. Now that I’m an adult and have my own home, I have the same air purification system except with the added technological benefit of having a smart temperature control.  The thermostat is connected through my phone and PC. Anywhere I am, at any point in time, I can change the temperature of my house. It’s been absolutely convenient and saves me a lot of money on energy expenses. I do use over the counter medication to help with my dust sensitivities, but it’s so comforting to eliminate the pills when I’m in my own loft and relaxing with my partner and our pets.  Having a heating and cooling program that doesn’t exacerbate your condition is absolutely a beautiful thing!

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