Bank air conditioner went out

I am ready to lock myself inside and never leave again. For one thing, I’m now terrified of the world outside my front door, and for another thing, I never want to be without AC again in my life. I honestly think that hot and humid indoor conditions might cause PTSD flashbacks from my recent event. I was so scared the other day. You see, it all started when I was just at the bank going to make a withdrawal for our monthly cash. I was shocked when some hooded men came in with guns blazing! They had all of the people drop to the floor as well as announced loudly that they were attempting to rob the bank. When it looked as though 1 of the tellers was trying to make a call for help, 1 of the men shot past him to warn him to drop the cell phone. Well that shot he fired easily hit the breaker box right behind the counter,  as well as the power shut off in the bank! So of course, that meant the air conditioning system quit now working since there was absolutely no power. The guy was yelling at all of the terrified people to be quiet as well as empty our pockets. They seriously couldn’t access any of the cash in the bank, as well as it was just starting to get incredibly overheated and dangerous from the total lack of air conditioner in there! It was just getting hotter as well as hotter, as well as the hooded guy yelled at the tellers to do something about the air conditioning system system, as if they had any choice in the matter! They said there was nothing they could do, and eventually, the guy just ran out of the bank with his friends behind him. Too bad, they were caught hastily outside since someone quickly did contact 911. I was blissful that they were caught, but I was even more happy at that moment to get out of that building because of the total lack of air conditioner. When I finally got to our automobile to go home, I just blankly sat there in the air conditioner thinking about what just happened.

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