Awkward with the HVAC technician

I always find it a bit uncomfortable when strangers come to my house. Granted, these people are there to help me with a concern. Repair my HVAC unit, my plumbing, electrical, or whatever is broken. I’m not exactly handy. I just find it seriously uncomfortable to have people show up at my cottage, come in as well as walk all over the place, as well as all the while I’m expected to make small talk. It could be that I’m the one that’s uncomfortable and not them. Maybe I make these various tradesmen think more unusual about the situation than they really do. The HVAC guy that I usually call seems to be especially uncomfortable in my cottage. I prefer to use that HVAC company, though, because he does a really excellent job as well as his prices seem good. My neighbor entirely advised  him to me. I’ve seen the same HVAC technician a few times when he’s made visits to my neighbor’s house to look at his HVAC plan as well as he doesn’t seem as uncomfortable. I can be unquestionably social as well as likable, however when I’m in my own cottage, I want to relax as well as have my private space. Having an HVAC or repair guy come by is a bit intrusive. It is a necessary evil, however, as well as one which I try to do what I can to make the interaction go as well as possible. It just happens that generally HVAC repairs and the like don’t really go my way in that sense. On the bright side, I only have to have my HVAC tech out approximately once a year or so. Any other repair jobs are even more infrequent, so I don’t have to worry with that kind of situation too often.

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