Area of my home that need a repair

My husband insists that our HVAC unit be replaced this month, so I have been researching various HVAC suppliers and services. I showed my husband what I found and we selected an HVAC company to work with. This company was easy to communicate with and provided a plethora of literature on the before, during, and after process of the installation. All they really asked of us was to make sure that we clear out the area in which they will be working. They had limited liability regarding homeowners’ possessions being disfigured by the installers, and they knew that both of us have a cat, so they suggested that both of us keep her away from the workers during the process. They gave us the names and background of all the HVAC technicians that would be doing the replacement, stating that all of their tasks would be warrantied. Before they can install the new unit, they would need to remove the previous HVAC unit, so we needed to make these areas of the home accessible as well. The company warned us that they may take a little more time in the case of one of the ducts that is already installed needing repairs or replacement. The lead HVAC technician began working on the new system, while some of the other workers took apart the old one. The professionals would  install components such as the control unit, drain lines, evaporator, compressors, and on and on the list went. The literature noted that there was a chance of unforeseen circumstances, such as replacing rotten wall studs or drywall repairs. Finally, pressure and vacuum tests would be performed, along with several other mandated testing. At the completion of the replacement, both of us should expect the suppliers to go over the complete operation of the idea with us. At that point, both of us could enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home for many years to come.

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