An hour after our arrival

This past week, a few of my best friends & I decided to take a camping trip on the weekend.  We had all been checking the weather religiously to make sure there were no storms on the horizon, and until the day before we were set to take off, all was looking great.  They and I had been making preparations for about a week, double checking each other’s lists, but by the time the weekend finally had arrived the weather was looking more than a bit sketchy.  However, since we had already done all this planning and we were all getting pumped about our little getaway, our group decided to risk it. Our drive to the campground was a bit under four hours, though we had brought plenty of chips and drinks for the ride.  By the time we arrived, the sky was dark with clouds and the temperature had dropped significantly. Within a few hours, it was pouring. Our tent and sleeping bags were sopping wet – taking a chance on the weather was clearly a bad idea. Luckily for us, there was a more established campground a few miles south with log cabins available for rent. My friends and I were dying for a working heater.  We abruptly picked up camp and made our way to the other campground. Amazingly, the little cabin had an HVAC unit! We spun the dial to max and enjoyed the heat. It was fantastic to be inside from the storm and in a toasty room.

climate control 

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