An awesome decision

My fiance and I are in the process of making plans to have our dream house built.  He and I have everything planned out to the last detail. My fiance and I have decided to  have dark hardwood floors throughout the home, a grand master bedroom suite, granite countertops in the kitchen and the exterior of the house will be a stucco style.  The only thing the two of us cannot seem to agree on is the heating system. My fiance wants to have heated flooring installed throughout the house because he is worried that his tender feet will get cold while he is wearing his socks and slippers.  I on the other hand want heated flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen only and forced air heating throughout the rest of the house with the air vents on the floor. I have a big furry chow chow dog who is the most spoiled animal ever and she easily enjoys lounging like a princess on the forced air vents in our current house and I would dislike it if she was no longer able to have that luxury.  For her to not be able to lay on the heat vents would ruin those cold winter afternoons for her. Also, if the two of us no longer had the forced air heating vents on the floor then our big furry chow chow would not get as much exercise. Whenever she hears the heating unit kick on she will wake out of a dead sleep to run clumsily to the closest heating vent. I have even witnessed her on occasion stop eating to run to 1 of the heat vents!  This in itself is a miracle, in our opinion. When she is relaxing and all sprawled out on these heating vents with the warm air blowing up on her, she just looks so satisfied and relaxed.

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