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When I went to Canada last Wintertime, I had a blast.  I went skiing plus sightseeing with several of my closest friends for the week, plus it was easily one of the best trips I’ve ever known. I know the bit that I enjoyed most was the change of weather.  I live in the south of the Southeast where it’s hot most of the time, so escaping to some frigid weather was nice. The house all of us all rented together had a huge fireplace, so in the evenings all of us would get the firewood then get the fire burning.  While all of us still wanted to use the furnace throughout the night, a fireplace created a cozy atmosphere which made our trip all the more charming. It entirely made myself and others wish that we lived somewhere with a more defined seasonal change. I do have a fireplace in my old house, but I am rarely able to use it because the cold temperatures rarely are low enough for myself and others to do so. I wouldn’t at all mind being somewhere where a furnace was needed just as much as an air conditioning system. I know I’m now going to make it a long term goal to find a job somewhere a little further north. The heat at my house kills me, plus I know it’s about time for a change. It’s amazing how traveling plus experiencing different things can legitimately change one’s perspective. I recognize this was the case with me! Heck, maybe I’ll even immigrate to Canada. I could see myself and my family living there. There’s no doubt I would get good use of my furnace if I were that far north.

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