All I needed was a little HVAC

When you have a health condition like I have, you are always aware of how much air conditioning is in your area, and where the air vents are.  I can’t go anywhere, unless there is a good HVAC system, that delivers air conditioning all of the time. I find the air vents, and that is where I stay.  You see I have a health condition that causes me to sweat profusely. It wouldn’t be so bad if all I did was sweat. My sweat is extremely smelly. Everyone’s sweat smells, but mine is offensive.  EVen I can’t stand the smell of my sweat, and I’ve had years to get used to it. There is no amount of antiperspirant or deodorant that can get rid of the odor or the sweating. I make sure I have gallons of fabric freshener in my laundry.  I have several of each shirt I own, so I can always have a clean one to change into. I carry deodorant with me, and I wash and reapply the deodorant, about every hour. If I have to go to functions, I make sure to find an air vent that is throwing out cold air.  I just prefer to stay home and imbibe in my own air conditioning. If I have to go anywhere, I take my own car. I have my car serviced several times a year, and it is just to make sure my car’s air conditioning unit is running properly. I can’t imagine being cooped up in a car, and having my air conditioning quit working.

HVAC program

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