Air vents in our bus ride

I don’t understand when people say that they don’t particularly love to drive. For me personally, I believe it to be one of life’s most fantastic activities. Also I really like to hit the open road, to see the whole world while I travel. I would really rather experience life down on the ground as opposed to missing out on all the details flying high above the clouds. That’s why I didn’t mind captaining a big bus for busy travelers! One of the strangest positions I’ve ever taken, actually, was as a Greyhound bus driver for many years. It was fantastic work, so long as the indoor air temperature control system was working consistently. Otherwise the bus will rapidly go from a beautiful cool oasis paradise to a sweltering tepid death box in a matter of minutes when the air conditioning stopped working. I mostly drove in the Southwestern region, where the air was quite hot and dry. The sunlight pounded down on the long metal box and it instantly heated the indoor air to a dangerous degree. With so many bodies onboard, the air temperature only rose higher as people began to panic and get restless. It got quite stinky and even dangerous whenever I had to handle an A/C problem. That’s why I took on learning vehicle A/C repair on my own time. That way, if the cooling system ever went offline I was capable of repairing the whole HVAC component myself. It honestly saved me a ton of time plus some cash. Another positive is the passengers were always overjoyed when the cooling system became operable again. They would often cheer as cool, fresh air passed through the air vents and we were once again on the road.

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