Air quality in our hotel

My wife and I like to travel a lot. To save money, we sometimes sleep in our small camper that we drive around the country. This can sometimes get tiring and cramped. We decided that we wanted to stretch our legs and sleep in a bed, however one local hotel had good reviews, so we decided to book a room there. The front desk clerk was nice and friendly. Our room was on the first floor, so we could absolutely move our things from the truck into the room, but my wife and I were surprised to see the heating and cooling equipment already working. The hotel had the air conditioning system running on low, and the room felt cozy plus comfortable. The heating and cooling equipment was certainly quiet, and it didn’t even sound like it was running. My wife and I slept all night, without waking up even once. The indoor air quality was superb. All of us didn’t have to adjust the air conditioning unit at all the whole night we were there. Not only was the room cool, however the indoor air conditions were both fresh and clean. The room smelled like springtime flowers. It was one of the most relaxing nights we had on the road in a very very long time. After this experience, I think me and my wife will be staying at good reviewed hotels a lot more often in the future!

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