Air quality check up

I find it absolutely abhorable that people don’t have their air quality tested on a regular basis.  They have themselves tested for disease, so why not their air quality. I work for a company that has makes these tests.  We have created testing kits that can check for several different contaminants in the air. One test will check for radon, which if left undetected can cause people to get lung cancer and other kinds of cancer.  If you found radon in your home, it is just a simple method of ventilation that is required to remove it from the home. We test for mold which can cause all kinds of lung infections. Yet how many people test for these contaminants in the air they breathe.  I bet there are a lot more home that go without carbon monoxide detectors than what have them. These are basically odorless and tasteless silent killers. Why wouldn’t you test for them, and make your air quality healthy. You have an air conditioner that supplies you with air movement and you can even put in air filters that can remove mold and mildew and millions of other micro bacteria.  Don’t you want to know why? If you eat fruit that has an off taste, you know that it is rotten and you won’t eat it. If you drink water with bad taste or smell, you don’t drink it. Why mess around with your air quality, just because you can’t smell anything. Call a HVAC technician and ask him to check you air quality. It is a simple test and it could save your life.

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