Air quality affects weight loss

My wife can think about losing weight and she does.  I can’t understand how she can eat so much, and do little exercise and still stay a size 6.  It’s not that I want her to get fat, even though I would love her if she were a size 26, but I just want some of that metabolism that she has.  I lived on salads for two weeks, and I still gained weight. I’m afraid I’ll lose her, since I have this spare tire forming around my midriff. I decided to put a gym in my basement.  It is really cool in the basement, since it is underground. I still want to put a HVAC system down there, because I found out that good heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is conducive to good health.  I need the air quality to keep my heart and lungs functioning properly. I also put in a Pure Air Filter System and a dehumidifier so I can further the improvement of my air quality. Everything I have in the HVAC system for the basement is meant to help control the climate of the basement, from the humidity to the air quality and even the temperature of the rooms.  I know that with the HVAC equipment I have down there, along with strengthening my body, will also be strengthening my heart and lungs. I am sure that with the HVAC equipment, I’ll be able to make my workouts the best they can be along, along with getting rid of the pollens and allergens that are in my air.

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